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Robert Downey Jr.

Role of a Lifetime: Creating a Safer Internet

I've played a lot of roles in my lifetime, but none more important than my latest. Online crime is a crisis that requires an innovative solution. Aura is that solution. That's why I'm proud to partner with them. To learn more, check out my audition for the role of a lifetime!— Robert Downey Jr.

Watch My Audition
Robert Downey Jr.
Watch My Audition Robert Downey Jr.
Online Risk Assessment

How Safe Are Your Online Habits?

Technologically speaking, I could use a little guidance. Aura helped open my eyes to how I can be safer online. Identify your persona for online risk now.— Robert Downey Jr.

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How many connected devices are in your home?

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How do you spend your time online?

Browsing endless social media Connecting with family and friends Mainly paying bills and shopping My entire life is spent online
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Do you connect to public WiFi?

Always Sometimes Never
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How often do you use the same password?

Always Sometimes Never
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Do you click links in emails or texts?

Always Sometimes Never Only if I know the sender
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How old are you?

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Are you a parent?

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Your Online Risk Results

"Overconfident Clicker"

You’re not easily fooled, but all that time online leaves you exposed to hidden dangers. Find out more below.*

Watch Out For These Risks

Your online activity may lead to spam calls and texts.

Aura automatically identifies and filters incoming spam calls and texts to clean out your inbox and protect you from scammers.

Using the same password increases your risk of breaches.

Aura alerts you to weak, reused or compromised passwords and automatically updates them with just one click.

Your children are at increased risk online.

Aura helps parents keep their kids safe with tools that block and filter sites and apps, and prevent cyberbullying before it becomes a problem.

Aura's Got You Covered

Aura provides all-in-one digital safety to help protect you from identity theft, financial fraud, and online threats. Try Aura risk-free for 14 days, cancel anytime.

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Proactive Protection for Your Assets, Identity, Family, and Tech—Across Every Device.

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Robert Downey Jr.

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